______  Unit must be completely free of trash and all dust including closets, baseboards and cabinets.
______ All window coverings must be straightened, washed, cleaned and dusted or replaced.
______ All bathrooms and kitchens must be thoroughly caulked and cleaned including behind commode.
______ Fireplaces must be cleaned out and dust free.
______ Patios, balconies and storage closets must be swept and free from debris and trash.
______ All doorstoppers must work and any damages from previous problems corrected. Install if missing.
______ Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, washed, and sanitized, including drip pans and knobs.
______ Light and plug switches must be replaced if cracked or stained.
______ At least 75-watt bulbs in all fixtures in working order.
______ Bath lights at 60 watts and all the same style bulb in place.
______ Any painting must be cleaned up thoroughly and consistent.
______ You must vacuum thoroughly when you leave.
______ All locks and doorknobs must be in excellent working order.
______ At least one window per room must work and blinds must be left down and in the open position.
______ All light covers must be cleaned (in the dishwasher, carry soap).
______ Ceiling fan blades must be cleaned and dusted, both sides.
______ The top of the refrigerator and stove must be spotless.
______ No stains should remain in the refrigerator or on porcelain in the bath. Use porcelain white out or bleach.
______ Baseboards must be washed and free of dirt and dust.
______ All drawers must be in good working order.
______ Check all keys and notify landlord if any do not work.
______ Check all appliances and HVAC and then leave at 60 degrees in winter and 80 degrees in summer.
______ Lawn, garden, and hedges must be trimmed, cut, and cleaned thoroughly.
______ Wallpaper must be washed, cleaned, and re-glued or replaced in a professional manner.
______ All bugs must be removed and cleaned from the unit.
______ All vinyl floors need to be mopped, waxed, and cleaned, including underneath cabinets. Do not wax over dirt.
______ "For Lease" sign must be in front of yard, close to sidewalk and sideways to home.
______ Plug in deodorizers are to be used in the make ready.
______ All pilot lights should be on or gas turned off to fixture.
______ Sinks to be cleaned (bleached if necessary), and garbage disposal tested and free from blockage.
______ Storage closets are to be swept, cleaned, checked for working lock and key.
______ All mirrors and windows should be cleaned inside and out.
______ All trash is not to be left, but removed to a dumpsite.
______ Fill in any nail holes with matching color.
______ Open all sink cabinets, and clean out all areas below.
______ Clean doors and door frames around them, including fingerprints, dust, etc.
______ Check the working condition of the STOVE.
______ Check the working condition of the OVEN.
______ Check the working condition of the REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER.
______ Check the working condition of the DISPOSAL.
______ Check the working condition of the WASHER/DRYER.
______ Check the working condition of the AIR CONDITIONER.
______ Check the working condition of the HEATER.
______ Check the working condition of the HOT WATER HEATER.
______ Check the working condition of all SINKS FOR LEAKS.
______ Check the working condition of the GARAGE DOOR OPENERS.
______ Check the working condition of all WINDOW AND DOOR LOCKS.
______ Check the working condition of ______________________________________________________________.